you ever get in those moods where a family member just opens their mouth and youre like


Anonymous asked:
Hello I'm just curious as to why you are against bdsm and ddlg relationships and kinks. Not judging you for your opinion just wondering why you seem so strongly against it.


bdsm sexualizes violence against women and the subordination of women. end of story. theres a reason why the dom is almost always a man and the sub is almost always a woman. because women are taught to be submissive and men are taught that women are objects that they have control over. bdsm is the sexual manifestation of the patriarchy. yes its bad even if its homosexual people and yes sometimes the woman is the dom and no that does not suddenly make it okay.

i am against ddlg for the same reasons as bdsm as well as the fact that it glorifies pedophilia, incest, and trivializes rape victims and victims of pedophilia. 

i am aware that it is not actually incest but when people say that its not actually pedophilia, they are wrong. do you really think “daddy dom” and “little girl” have nothing to do with pedophilia? even if the “little” is not underage the participants are infantilizing her and that is not something that i can support. why does the “daddy dom” get off on seeing a woman as a little girl? wait i know the answer- its because hes a pedophile.

and i dont care if both parties consent. where do these kinks come from? why do women get off on calling a guy daddy? why do men get turned on by choking and slapping and spitting on their “littles”? i am critical of these kinks and i am critical of the society that these kinks come from

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